2015-12-3.  This was the first time you logged in the new TV game——《Advertising Life》.

Why did you play this game?  Well,  that was very  simple.  You played this game not because of the strange background (Devil’s childhood friend had a crush on devil, but devil was in love with princess.  Because of dear devil,  childhood friend decided to kill hero and kidnaped the princess. ) and trouble system(All characters will die if not play during one day), but because of “him”.  

When you saw “him” on the poster, you fell in love with “him”.  “He” was not handsome, but his smile made you happy.  You were the only reason he smiled.  His eyelash were long and thick, liked flying butterflies danced in the sky.  Stars in his eyes, brought out the most beautiful blue that you have seen.  He smiled, looked from the front liked a sunny boy, from the side liked a bad boy.  His hair was short,  fresh as wind.  When you saw him, your heart beat very fast.  You knew, you were in love with him.  

Because of him, you logged in this game and became Devil’s childhood friend(the main character). 

Ahah, forgot to say it, there were thousands of NPC in princess’s country and he was one of them(Villagers A).  But who cared? LOVE was the most powerful thing of a pretty young lady~ 


    tae shortstory chinese


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